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Q1 – Why are your prices much lower than the official retail price? Are they original agent set?

Ans: We always strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, therefore we only earn marginal profit for all products. All products are original manufacturer warranty set and official receipt will be issued upon purchase.

Q2 – What currency are the prices listed in your website?

Ans: All prices listed in our website are in United State Dollar (USD) and Can be exchanged to other currencies

Q3 – Do you offer any Installment plan?

Ans: Sorry, we do not offer any installment plan.

Q4 – Must I sign up any membership or purchase extra accessories to enjoy the prices listed in your website?

Ans: No, we do not believe in such sales gimmicks. We believe in a clear and transparent pricing policy with no hidden cost.

Q5 – What are the mode of payment for the price listed in your website?

Ans: We accept different modes of payment depending on your location. But presently we do not accept credit card payment. After you complete an order mode of payment will be sent to you.

Q6 – Is there any 30-Days Exchange/Return/Refund policy?

Ans: Yes, we do provide any 30-days Exchange/Return/Refund policy. We strongly advise all customers to inspect and check the product before after delivery to enable them take full advantage of the service. After 30-days return period, all faulty items thereafter must be sent to the respective manufacturers’ customer service centers for warranty claims, if applicable.

Q7 – Are your phones unlocked?

Ans: Yes, all phones are original factory-unlocked and can be used worldwide with any SIM cards.

Q8 – Do the products come with any warranty?

Ans: Yes, all items come with the respective manufacturer’s international warranty.

Q9 – I lost my original receipt. Can I request a copy of it?

Ans: There will be a $10 admin charge to retrieve a copy of it. Therefore we would strongly advise all customers to safe keep the receipt in a secured place.

Q10 – Do you have stocks for all products listed?

Ans: Yes.

Q11 – Do you provide home delivery service for products purchased online?

Ans: Yes, we make delivery via reputable courier services worldwide (FedEx , DHL , USP, USPS).

Q12 – Do you accept corporate orders?

Ans: Yes, we do.

Q13 – How do we order for corporate sales?

Ans: Kindly send a request via the contact us form, for further details regarding quotation, delivery and charges involved.

Q14 – What is your store opening hours?

Ans: we are open to receive your order 24/7

Q15 – What is your store maximum percentage (%) underpaid cover?

Ans: Our store offer 5% underpaid cover on BTC Payment Option, the best you can get to see on any online store.


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